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Greetings, dear colleagues.

Digital dentistry is my specialty as a certified dental technician. Patients can count on my expertise in dental aesthetics and sophisticated implant-supported rehabilitation. In the last 10 years, helping other dental professionals offer their patients the best in restorative dentistry, and despite being a leading name, I continually strive to improve my skills and knowledge base as both methods and technology advance. Having long been a contributor to several professional journals, I share my insights, skills and wisdom through educational books.

I present to you my new service for virtual modelling and planning of your work; in the shortest time, you will receive the perfect execution and ongoing support.


The most effective 3D modelling for your patient

It will only take me an hour to create a dental design for you. A protesic or surgical design of any complexity can be made by me quickly and effectively, and I am always willing to make adjustments until you get the best solution. I am available for all of your needs around-the-clock and hope my work will make you and your patient happy.

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Let’s see what I can do for you



Construction of crown coping or reduced bridges including implant base



Full contour aesthetic Veneers

full teeth

Occlusal Splints

Bite Splints/ Therapeutic Night Guard/ Retainers/ Custom Tray

signle teeth

Telescopes / Abutment

Telescopic Crowns with attachments / Individual Abutments

teeth implant


Teeth or Screw retained implant- supported bars


Smile Design

Images of the patient’s Extraoral and Retractable intraoral scan are included.


Printable Model

Intraoral scans converted to printable models with attachments



Full contour orthodontic project

Services for virtual planning and designing

Based on an STL file, CT, 2D photography, or a facial scan, for your patient, Vladyslav Pereverzyev will create a custom smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Specialist will set up cooperative communication with the patient if necessary.

The cost of planning or modelling is influenced by the case’s complexity, the production schedule, and the tools used (a virtual articulator, photographs, CT, etc.)

By simply uploading a scan and sitting back while my team designs the space according to your preferences and specifications, dentist and dental technicians all over the world can benefit from my ability to transforming their practices into world-class facilities.

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Digital tools can improve your clinic

digital tools

Digital tools can improve your clinic

Express meeting 30 minutes

Express your analysis of the workflow in your dental office or lab.

Identifying areas that need improvement
Evaluation of the prospects for development

Analysis and implementation of the clinic’s individual image

Personal action plan to raise service standards in your business

Innovative patient communication strategy

Making an emotional connection with the patient and quickly visualising the final restoration in 3D during the initial appointment

Digital customer service

Online case management help and technical support

How does it work

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Upload files

Upload files to our website or send us a case via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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Design process

Complete the form to improve your design. Throughout the design process, I will provide screenshots of our work so that you can confirm that everything is on the right track.

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Your design will be returned to you in the shortest timeframe permitted. The deadline is always flexible based on the client’s requirements.

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Download the file and start production.

We are compatible with this software

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Exocad online Webinar
with a unique format


The ten years of digital technology expertise of Vladyslav Pereverzyev are simplified into 20 manageable but extremely informative modules that address all aspects of digital learning.

This is a great discovery for those seeking to speed up their work as dental technicians or dentists. 98% of those who have completed the training give the program the best possible rating.

I want to share my vast knowledge with you as a dental technician who specialises in digital dentistry so that you can provide your patients with the best, most cutting-edge treatments for all of their dental issues.

Recent Reviews


Your essential guide to the technology in digital dentistry

Discover everything you need to know about the newest and most exciting advances in digital dentistry – from specific clinical treatments performed using CAD/CAM and how every component works to various other developments and valuable topics.

This book covers the most up-to-date and understandable developments in digital restorative dentistry and various topics, including scanners, software for prosthetic design, and the materials and methods used in prosthesis manufacturing.

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Our Blog

Here I would like to explain to you how adding me to your intraoral scanner and speeding up our digital workflow.

Before trying to add me on the following platforms make sure you have all the necessary licenses and permits to be able to send your scans, if not please contact me and we try to find a better solution.

Sirona Connect 

  1. Go to https://customer.connectcasecenter.com/ and log in
  2. Click My Favorite Recipients
  3. Under My Favorite Recipients, click on Search Recipient
  4. There are many ways to search for a Lab
  5. Search by: Country (Italy), Zip Code (39100)
  6. Once you have filled out one of the fields provided, click on Start Search
  7. Scroll down to see the Search Results. Click on the orange (+) next to the correct Lab (Vladyslav Pereverzyev) to add to your Account
  8. Once you have selected the lab, it will show under Recipients at the top of the screen. This means you have added the lab to the portal successfully


Shining 3D Dental Cloud

  1. Go to https://www.dental3dcloud.com/ and log in
  2. Click to Conenctions
  3. On the right side click on New
  4. Search: (Vladyslav Pereverzyev)
  5. Once you have find click on (+) and Confirm to establish a relationship network
  6. This means you have added the lab to the portal successfully


dentalshare by exocad

  1. Go to https://secure.exocad.com/dentalshare/p/login/exocad and log in
  2. Click to My Contacts
  3. Enter the following information: Login (vladpereverzyev), Group (exocad) and in alternative email (info@vladpereverzyev.com)
  4. Click on Search Contact Request or in alternative on Search by email
  5. Once your request has been sent to the Lab, you will need to wait for the Lab to accept the connection


3Shape Communicate

  1. Log into https://portal.3shapecommunicate.com/login/ with your Communicate account information
  2. Click on Connections at the top of the page
  3. Click the Add Connection button
  4. Enter the name (Vladyslav Pereverzyev) or email (info@vladpereverzyev.com)
  5. Once you see the correct Lab in the list, highlight the Lab and click the Connect button.  You also have the option of sending a customized message to the Lab while in this window
  6. Once your request has been sent to the Lab, you will need to wait for the Lab to accept the connection before you will see the Lab in the software

If you don’t find your intraoral scanner indicated in the list. Please contact me and we will try to find the best and fastest solution for our collaboration, via WeTransfer on the following email info@vladpereverzyev.com or via a shared folder on the Dropbox on same email.

One of the most recent advancements in cosmetic dentistry is digital smile design. Digital Smile Design (DSD) requires generating a digital 3D model of your grin. You and your dentist will be able to see clearly what adjustments are necessary. The results are more accurate, and the patient can view the final appearance of their smile before beginning treatment.

How does it work?

Digital smile design generates digital models of the teeth of the patient. Thus, a more precise and individualized treatment plan is possible. Initially, numerous images of the patient’s teeth are captured. These pictures are used to make a 3D model of the teeth. This model allows for the planning of a patient’s treatment and the visualization of their new smile.

Advantages of digital smile design

Utilizing digital smile design has numerous advantages. One significant advantage is that you can preview your smile before it develops. You are not required to blindly trust the treatment without seeing a sample of the outcome. This implies that if you don’t like how something appears, you can alter it immediately.

The size, shape, and color of your teeth are all modifiable, allowing you to achieve your ideal smile.

-A more precise design process
-Better results than traditional methods
-Co-design your smile with your dentist
-“Test drive” your smile before treatment
-Patients are happier with the results

Who is DSD for?

Digital smile design can assist individuals who dislike the appearance of their smiles. It is beneficial for individuals who want to visualize their smiles after treatment. To ensure the patient’s satisfaction, they can work with the dentist to make even minor adjustments.

DSD can correct uneven spacing, tooth gaps, and crooked teeth. Additionally, it can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter. The subtle effects of DSD can significantly alter how a person feels and looks about themselves.

DSD is beneficial for more than just aesthetics. Additionally, misaligned teeth and TMJ pain can be corrected. DSD may need to be combined with other dental procedures, such as braces or veneers, to achieve the desired results.

What are the Intraoral scanners next to physical impressions for comparison? Digital dental models can be made using an intraoral scanner to scan the patient directly or a desktop optical scanner to scan a traditional impression or model.

The intraoral scanner is a portable device that focuses a light beam on the target area. The sensors then take hundreds or thousands of photographs to generate a 3D digital model of the area.

Dental professionals send alginate or polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impressions to a dental lab to digitize a conventional physical impression using a desktop optical scanner.

Intraoral scanners can save dental office money because they take less chair time than traditional impressions. The patient is also much more comfortable with intraoral scanning than with traditional impressions.

A practice can save time and money by sending digital files to the lab instead of sending the impression. In-office 3D printing requires digital scans, but it can be cost-effective for practices that want to print their models.


Frequently Asked Question

Just contact me on the platforms listed on my site and you will be connected by me immediately, to start a new collaboration!

Simple, just send them to my email info@vladpereverzyev.com via WeTransfer, Dropbox or other file sharing platforms click here.

You can send me your STL, OBJ, PLY, CT data, 2D Photographs and even Face scans. For all other files not listed please contact me.

Waiting times can vary from 1 hour to a maximum of 5 days, it always depends on your requests and the complexity of the case.

I have a great variety of software available, usually the choice varies according to the type of work.

Payments are mainly made via Paypal or traditional bank transfers Visa, Master and Maestro. Payment times can always be agreed.

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